A lot of little updates

Naturally, things slow down in the summer (with the exception of molasses and wet concrete, both of which come to a complete stop in summer).  However, things are happening and without specific concrete dates in mind, there are definitely updates with various writing projects:

* BREAKDOWN IN BABEL is currently being adapted into a graphic novel by Gus Ferrari.  In addition, it is being rewritten as a short film and will be shot this fall.

* BROAD DAYLIGHT, an unproduced short play, is currently being translated and adapted for the world premiere in Taiwan.

* THE FINAL JEW, an unproduced full-length play, will get a staged public reading with a wonderful theater company during their 2009-10 reading series.

* STOCK HOME will get a staged public reading with a wonderful theater company in Chicago during their 2009-10 reading series for consideration in their following season.

* THE ADVENTURES OF RICK BRICKMAN, a sitcom pilot co-written with Michael Pace, has made it through the first three rounds of a writing competition, and out of hundreds is one of the remaining 25 scripts under consideration.

More updates to come, and more new writing projects are underway.


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