Grease 3: Threase is back this Thursday

Fresh off the sold-out performance at SketchFestNYC, FEARSOME (with an array of very special guests) presents an encore performance of Grease 3: Threase – a story for the next generation of Grease fans.

Set in modern day at Shmydell High, the Pink Labias and T-Boners prepare for the high school talent show while learning lessons of love, laser tag and racial profiling. And yes – there will be singing.

With FEARSOME (Katherine Bryant Flaherty, Shayna Ferm, Alex Goldberg, Jaime Hayes and Chris O’Connor) John Phillips, Amy Heidt, Livia Scott, Catia Ojeda, Jason Denuszek, Luke Manson and David Flaherty.

UCB Theater (as part of SPANK)

Thursday, July 15th – 6:00pm

307 W. 26th Street

Tickets are only five bucks!

Directed by: Tom Wojtunik
Choreography by: Melinda Sharretts
Costume Design by: Michelle Holden
Written by: Katherine Bryant Flaherty and Shayna Ferm


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