Broad Daylight production January 14 – February 19

Broad Daylight is a one-act dark comedy about a son who cares for his live in mother.  It has already been produced in New York City and Taiwan, and will get its West Coast premiere in Pick of the Vine: An Evening of Short Plays at Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro, California.  Performances are every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, as well as Sunday, February 6th at 2pm and Thursday, February 17th at 8pm.  More information, including how to get tickets, can be found here.


One response to “Broad Daylight production January 14 – February 19

  1. Alex,
    I saw your play “Broad Daylight” at Little Fish last night and was very touched and moved. Beautifully written and acted, it moved me to tears. Thank you.

    Now, I do have a problem I would like to ask you about: Why 2 references to fags? This was in the Miami Vice segment and when the mother said that it jarred me so much I was taken out of the moment of the play and thought of nothing else but how offensive and unneeded that was. It served no purpose other than to be another put down of gays. The Mother is about my age and I don’t think she would realistically be using that word anyway.

    Thanks for you attention.

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