IT IS DONE is a hit!

The audience and critics alike are raving about It is Done.  Only four performances remain, so come check it out.

It is Done will thrill you, surprise you, and have you walking away shaking a bit in your boots…As an active playgoer, I see a lot of shows and normally I can “see it coming.”  This one completely blindsided me especially the ending.  Although it works well in an actual bar, this could go on to a full sized Off-Broadway theater; it’s that good.”  Karen Nowosad, Newark Theater Examiner, November 16, 2011

BACKSTAGE.COM CRITIC’S PICK: “Vague supernaturalism, whiskey, and Hank Williams on the jukebox make this Sam Shepard’s stomping ground, but Goldberg keeps a sure footing. The playwright has a keen gift for dark humor, as well as an enthralling style of slowly unspooling information. Ojeda’s performance drives the production, featuring densely textured line readings that make each word sound like its own sentence. She plays Ruby as the ultimate alpha female, zipping ably among the seductive, comical, and dangerous aspects of her character while leading poor Jonas (and us) to whatever grotesque place she pleases.” Mitch Montgomery, Back Stage, November 16, 2011

“The acting is excellent. Kalman plays his comic relief role with great success. Ojeda plays Ruby with a sharpness that was more fun to watch as her character developed. Sheehy play Jonas with a vulnerability and desperateness that had me rooting for him as the story played out. Goldberg has written a smart script that entertains from start to finish. I’d honestly go see the show again — it’s a fantastic outing for any New York theatergoer and perfect for a date or an evening with friends. There is quality throughout this production and I highly recommend you check it out.“   Ben Charles, Theater is Easy, November 10, 2011

“Tom Wojtunik’s direction is fabulous…The actors all come through with strong performances.  By putting the audience in the midst of the action the creepiness factor is upped, the tension is tightened and the payoff is higher.  If you’re looking for something different, you’ll find it here.  If you’re looking for a good night of theatre with a twist – this is it.  Either way, It Is Done gets it done.”  Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium, November 16, 2011

“A tidy little thriller…(with) plenty of laughs along the way.  If you enjoy a darkly-humored mystery in an unusual setting, “It Is Done” is worth catching.”  Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press, November 9, 2011

“I really enjoyed this piece.  It was fantastic.  I found it much better written than many other things I’ve seen lately.”  Michael Portantiere, Broadway Radio, November 14, 2011

“Alex Goldberg has written a compelling, not to mention scary, play about human nature.  Director Tom Wojtunik wonderfully brings out the other side of all of the characters.  Hats off to Catia Ojeda for so amazingly dominating the action of this unconventional story.”  Ed Malin,, November 16, 2011

“An intimate, engaging comedy-thriller.  It Is Done is a fun, entertaining ninety minutes of theater that takes advantage of its site-specificity without feeling gimmicky — and as a bonus, each ticket comes with a free drink.”  This Week in New York, November 17, 2011

“A fun ride.”  Karen D’Onofrio, Electronic Link Journal, November 2011


One response to “IT IS DONE is a hit!

  1. Alex and Catia-
    The play is both engaging and suspenseful. I loved the way the characters were revealed in layers. It is both well written and beautifully acted. Kudoos to the “It is Done” group.
    Carol P.

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