Contact information

For all inquiries:
Mindy Kanaskie
UWA Management, LLC

Twitter: @theAlexGoldberg

Friends, collaborators, and other wonderful people:

The Antaeus Company – Glendale-based classics theatre company. I am a member of their playwriting lab and on the playwrights panel since 2018.

Closure – Official website for the movie I wrote and directed.

Original Works Online – Publishers of bold new plays, including It is Done and my collection of one acts.

At Home Brewer – A website about all things beer of which I am a regular contributor.

13 Stories Productions – Production company for which I have written the screenplays Closing Time and Operation Gray.

Fade to White – Official movie Website

Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow – See the trailer for the feature film I directed

Catia Ojeda – A brilliant actress and an amazing wife.


9 responses to “Contact/Links

  1. I love this site Alex! Where has it been hiding?

    It just needs more pictures of Bones popping up in places, then it’d be REALLY great.

  2. an Autograph picture

    Dear Alex goldberg
    Railroad PLayhi9use is a great place. Could I get an Autograph pciture of you. i live at 38 Richamn Ave,Newburgh, ny 12550.

    your fan
    Billy keller

    P.S. Could I get a free Rail road playhiouse cap,mug,keyring,pin,sweatshirt,t-shirt

  3. My son’s name was Alex Goldberg. He was a writer and filmmaker and he was so funny. He died when he just turned 27 a year ago. My name is Leta. I’m his mother. I went on google to see his name and typed it in and came to this site. I know I’m some meaningless person to you but thought I’d tell you why I visited the site. Sometimes those of us who lose children are desperate to find someone or something even remotely close to our children. I love the name, Alex Goldberg.

  4. Hello! I attend The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, and I would love to do your mens monologue from America’s Brightest Star for class. How might I read the play? Please respond to

    Thank you very much,

    Gjermund Gjesme

  5. Priscilla Sampaio

    Dear Mr. Goldberg

    My name is Priscilla Sampaio, I’m currently studying Musical Theatre at New York Film Academy and I read a monologue from your play “America’s Brightest Star” and I really liked it. I’m wondering if I can have access to the entire play.
    Please tell me how much does it cost and I’ll pay for it.

    I wish you a wonderful Holliday.
    Thank you,
    Priscilla Sampaio

  6. Hi Alex, I found you by running a “screenplay writer” search on Linked-In. My name is Rob Levy, I live in Burbank. The reason I’m contacting you, is I’m in search of a playwright for a project of mine.
    The story concerns the theft of the heroin, from the French Connection case.
    True story….
    If interested, please reply to my email noted below.
    Thanks For Your Time

  7. I’m looking to read “America’s Brightest Star” because I’ve chosen a monologue from it for my acting class. I can’t seem to find where to locate a copy. I’ve checked local libraries with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Hi Milo, thank you for your interest in AMERICA’S BRIGHTEST STAR. The play is not published at this time, but please pass on your email address and I will send you the script via PDF. Feel free to reach out to me directly at alexstephengoldberg at gmail dot com.



  9. Hello and Happy New Year! I’m looking for the script to America’s Brightest Star for my Drama Class monologue. Would you be able to send me a copy please?

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